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Eco Polyester

Fabric is milled in Montreal and used to create Leggings, Capris, Yoga Leggings & Capris, Shorts, Mini Shorts and more.

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Reactive Printing

Reactive printing is a multistep process formulated for printing on natural fabrics.

It involves four main steps: pretreating fabrics, printing, steaming and washing.

The pretreatment process involves coating fabrics in a finely tuned chemical mixture that stiffens the fabric and helps bond the ink to the fabric.  Once coated, the fabrics are digitally printed with reactive inks using color profiles suited to each fabric. It’s quick and insanely accurate!

The CMYK ink set translates the artwork into millions of tiny drops that are jetted out from the technologically advanced print heads. After printing, steaming is where the magic happens!

The fabric slowly moves through a steam chamber heated to 102 degrees Celsius which opens the fiber’s cells. Once opened, the ink can transfer into the fibers. After steaming the print will be at maximum vibrancy and color depth.

The last step is washing to remove all excess inks and residual pretreatment. The fabric passes through 3 different temperature baths and special detergents and finishers are added to the wash and significantly softens the fabrics.

It’s a long process but it’s worth it! All fabrics printed with a reactive process are fully washable with no fading.