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Roxy Hurtubise Roxy Hurtubise 

Being a professional photographer I spend an abundance of time in nature.  One glorious day I was walking the sunny beaches of Parksville and  I came across a broken seashell - it was just a piece of what it once was but an eye-catchingly beautiful shape. I thought to myself "that would make a lovely pendant! ". 

I only found one piece that day however and safely tucked it away.

Almost two years later I found a couple more and I was reminded once again about how I would love to make  jewelry from these shell remnants - to make them beautiful, alive with energy again.

Another three years passed when I came across a few more that were strewn amongst the rocks.  I was lost in thought wondering if my idea to make jewelry from these broken pieces would ever come to be.  

Suddenly an abundance of shells revealed themselves to me and I found myself gathering them up faster than I could see them - I was so excited!    

It was the summer of 2014 and Island Goddess Jewelry was born!

It was a bit of a learning curve and together with my husband Trevor we now handcraft the shells into the attractive jewelry- cutting, shaping, sanding and then adding real freshwater pearls, sea glass and high quality gemstones to create a life long gift from the ocean.

Through this creative process we can now offer to you a beautiful piece of Vancouver Island!   

Connect yourself to the ocean and to water energy with a natural seashell pendant, earrings or anklet.

What does every Island Goddess want to go with her Jewelry?  

Why, Van Isle Goddess Apparel of course!

Only my own images and designs are use in creating the Van Isle Goddess clothing line.  It only seemed natural for me to progress to apparel.  New items are added all the time so keep a close watch on the website or sign up for my newsletter.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us!

Van Isle Goddess - Roxy

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