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Orca to the Surface Photography by Roxy Hurtubise

Orca to the Surface Photography by Roxy Hurtubise

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Orca to the Surface Photography by Roxy Hurtubise

This was one of those unexpected moments out on the water!  We had went out whale watching looking for Orcas to photograph.  

Our guide was new to this and terrified to get "too close" to them.  We were further away than the recommended distance.  There were six of us on the boat and we were all complaining because seriously they were tinier than ants in the distance and we could be much closer.

Well, I guess this orca heard us and suddenly arose out of the water right next to the boat!!  I cannot believe I even got this image as I had my zoom lense on and I wasn't really on the ready.

I truly treasure this image as it is one of a kind photographed at once in a lifetime moment.

Orca to the Surface is printed on:

  • canvas gallery wrap with mirrored edge on 1.5" stretcher bars and comes ready to hang

Custom sizes available upon request.

Ships in 1 - 2 business days.

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Printed in Canada

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