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Magic Morning Parksville Beach Long Scarf

Magic Morning Parksville Beach Long Scarf

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Wear this Magic Morning long scarf as a stylish accessory, wrap it around your head, or display it as a unique wall hanging for your home.

It also makes an excellent gift for weddings and any special occasion. (Just be warned, it might be hard to give away once you see how fabulous it is!)

Available in four fabrics and two sizes.

Machined baby rolled edge hem finish.

Choose from:


  • This scarf is crafted from 100% polyester, providing a soft and silky texture that never fades.
  • The beautiful colors and deep blacks are 70% visible on the backside of the fabric, making for a stunning display.
  • And best of all, it can be easily machine washed without losing its luxurious feel.

Matte Crepe

  • 100% polyester fancy weave fabric that mimics silk with a smooth, low lustre surface.
  • Offers a lovely drape and crisp print that boasts amazing colour.
  • Machine washable, but may shrink after first wash.

Satin Charmeuse

  • Experience the luxurious feel of our 100% polyester satin weave fabric, with a shiny surface that gives off a beautiful sheen.
  • Its soft touch and gorgeous drape mimics the elegance of silk, while the crisp print and stunning colors make a statement.
  • Plus, the print is 50% visible on the backside, adding a unique touch to this high-quality fabric.
  • Easy maintenance, it can be machine washed, though slight shrinkage may occur after the first wash.

Silk Habotai

  • Indulge in the luxurious feel of 100% pure silk with the Magic Morning Long Scarf.
  • Experience its delicate, airy structure and smooth, "silky" texture.
  • The vibrant print and moderate sheen on both sides will add a touch of glamour to any outfit.
  • Plus, its semi-transparent nature and lovely drape will make you feel like you're wearing a luxury brand.

Care Instructions for Silk Habotai

For best results, it is recommended to wash the scarf alone in cold water using a mild detergent, 1 cup of vinegar, and 2 teaspoons of salt. While the ink is permanent, some residual ink from the print process may remain, so it is advised to wash the scarf separately with a full load setting.

For future washes, machine wash cold water with a phosphate free detergent.  Add a mild fabric softener to enhance softness and drape.

Machine dry on low heat or hang to dry.

Iron on silk setting (delicate) with low steam.

1% shrinking in width and length

A Beautiful Piece of Vancouver Island!


All items are made upon ordering. Ships out within 5 - 10 business days. Except for Jewelry which ships out within 1 -2 business days.

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