Path to Enlightenment Island Goddess Seashell Pendant


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Path to Enlightenment Island Goddess Seashell Pendant

This Island Goddess Natural Seashell pendant is iridescent.  A trio of white baby freshwater pearls and a teardrop rose cut pink tourmaline gemstone compliments the seashell beautifully.  The bail is sterling silver.

Is shipped in a organza bag for safe keeping or for gift giving.

This pendant including the bail measures:

63 mm x 25 mm

2.5” x 1”

Your Island Goddess pendant is created with real seashells found on the beaches of Vancouver Island.  One of kind.  Never duplicated.

Pink tourmaline prosperity, compassion and inspiration.

Ancient Sea gods and goddesses from ancient times believed in the powers and the magical energies of seashells.  They believed that wearing a seashell magically draws your desires into being.

Connect yourself to the Ocean and to water energy with natural seashell jewelry.  
                                                       Truly an original!  

The Ocean provides natural healing, rejuvenation and cleansing with its vibrational power.  Seashells, born of the Ocean are very special, unique and they too are natural healers.  Seashells resonate with the body’s vibration clearing, balancing and realigning energies.  

A Beautiful Piece of Vancouver Island.

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