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Victoria Freshwater Pearls Island Goddess Seashell Earrings

Victoria Freshwater Pearls Island Goddess Seashell Earrings

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Step into a world of natural beauty with our Island Goddess earrings, featuring authentic seashells from Vancouver Island. Experience the essence of a true Goddess as you adorn these earrings, made complete with a real baby freshwater pearl nestled in the shell.

The ancients saw pearls as the symbol of the moon, as no two pearls are alike. These beautiful pearls, representing the purest form of love, hold a unique and special meaning.

The hook is sterling silver.

Earrings are shipped in a organza bag for safe keeping or for gift giving.

Earrings are measured including the hook.

Metric:  50mm x 19mm 

Imperial:   2” x .75”

These earrings are truly unique and one-of-a-kind, making them a must-have for anyone who appreciates originality and beauty!

Each earring is carefully selected to achieve a near-perfect symmetry, though it's important to note that no two shells are identical. We take great pride in creating a beautiful and harmonious pair for you to wear with joy and confidence.

The ancient sea gods and goddesses revered the power and magic of seashells, believing that wearing them could manifest one's deepest desires.

Experience the healing power of Mother Nature with our seashell jewelry, connecting you to the ocean's energy and its restorative properties. Seashells, born from the depths of the ocean, are truly special and possess their own ability to cleanse and heal. Through their vibrational energy, they can clear, balance, and realign our own energies. Let the ocean's healing energy flow through you with our unique and natural seashell earrings.


A Beautiful piece of Vancouver Island! 




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