Shorelei Island Goddess Seashell Earrings


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Shorelei Island Goddess Seashell Earrings

Feel like a true Goddess when you wear these earrings.

Island Goddess Natural Seashell earrings are iridescent with a real baby freshwater pearl that rests within the shell.  The hook is sterling silver.

Earrings are shipped in a organza bag for safe keeping or for gift giving.

Earrings are measured including the hook.

Metric:  50mm x 13mm 

Imperial:   2” x .50”

Our Island Goddess Earrings may not always be available as it is very rare for us to find small and light enough shells to become earrings.

The earrings are matched as close as possible for symmetry however please keep in mind that no two shells are alike and we make the best effort to make as close as we can to a “perfect match”. 

Sorry no returns or refunds on earrings.

Your Island Goddess earrings are created with real seashells found on the beaches of Vancouver Island.

Ancient Sea gods and goddesses from ancient times believed in the powers and the magical energies of seashells.  They believed that wearing a seashell magically draws your desires into being.

Connect yourself to the Ocean and to water energy with natural seashell jewelry.  
                                                       Truly an original!  

The Ocean provides natural healing, rejuvenation and cleansing with its vibrational power.  Seashells, born of the Ocean are very special, unique and they too are natural healers.  Seashells resonate with the body’s vibration clearing, balancing and realigning energies.  

PEARLS are symbols of LOVE!

To the ancients, a pearl was known as the symbol of the moon due to its resemblance to that celestial body and in fact no two pearls are alike.

A Beautiful Piece of Vancouver Island! 


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