Celestial Headband by Roxy Hurtubise
Celestial Headband by Roxy Hurtubise back
Celestial Headband by Roxy Hurtubise neck
Celestial Headband by Roxy Hurtubise flat

Van Isle Goddess

Celestial Headband

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Celestial Headband

Art meets the most versatile of fashion accessories. The headband.  

You can wear it in so many different ways: a pony tail holder, hood, face mask, hat liner, wrist band, sun protector. 

So easy to wear. Perfect for working out, staying warm, hiking, or as a pop of colour to add to any look.

Compact enough to fit in your pocket, purse, or back pack.

Makes a great gift idea too!

Headband Features:

  • Micro knit fabric made from 85% eco-polyester with 15% spandex
  • Precision cut raw edges
  • Quick dry & Easy care
  • UV Resistant fabric helps protect your skin from exposure to UV rays
  • Vibrant fade-proof artwork  
  • All artwork is photography and graphic designs by Roxy Hurtubise.
  • Wear it so many ways!

Our Van Isle Goddess versatile micro knit headband makes it easy to accessorize and adorn your wardrobe with my photography or graphic design artwork. 

Wear them in as many way as you can love them.

Versatile ways to wear your Van Isle Goddess Headband by Roxy Hurtubise


Your totally awesome Van Isle Goddess headband is easy to care for.

Machine wash and tumble dry.  The micro knit fabric is quick dry so you won’t have

to wait long to wear it again!

The colours will not run and the artwork will never fade.