Wish Upon a Starfish Makeup Bag Black


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You can use this versatile case for almost anything!

Makeup, change purse, phone holder, cords and chargers, art pencils, keys, vacation money, protect your passport or organize almost anything you wish.  

Artwork by Roxy Hurtubise


  • Denim Lined  Indigo denim lining provides a soft structure for your carry-all.
  • Vibrant Printed Canvas. 100% polyester textured canvas shell withstands everyday use
  • Metal Zipper  Choose from long-lasting nickel or brass zippers
  • Vegan Leather Pull Tab (optional).  Side pull tab gives you extra grip on your carry-all. (+ $1.50)

Each item is made upon ordering and ships to you in 7 to 14 Business Days.



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