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I will have my photography as well as Island Goddess Jewelry at the following upcoming market: ARTISAN MARKET at the CRAIG MUSEUM here in Parksville every Sunday starting July 5 until August 30 from 1 pm - 5 pm Click on link to see location and parking:     or to see the list of artisans:          

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RoxyWallHanger Photography

Besides creating Island Goddess Jewelry I am also a photographer. Photography is a true expression of my spirit and my surroundings.  To capture the moment.  Nature, plants, animals, sky, and water are what I really love to photograph on a daily basis.  I always travel with my Nikon cameras and an eye of adventure! I have been passionate about photography since I bought my first Kodak Instamatic when I was eleven years old.  I love how photography has evolved with the addition of computers and the digital age.  It has opened the doors of creativity, and allows me to take way more pictures which makes me smile! I showcased my photography and other local artisans at my own gallery RoxyWallHanger...

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